Rajnandini Metal Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

By Dotsmovie Dec13,2023
Rajnandini Metal Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030
Rajnandini Metal Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

Rajnandini Metal Share Price Target: Rajnandini Metal Ltd (RML) is an emerging small-cap company in the metal and metal products sector in India. With a market capitalization of ₹271 crores, RML manufactures copper rods, wires, cables and other metal-based products.

In this article, we will analyze Rajnandini Metal’s business fundamentals, financials, share price targets for short and long term, strengths and weaknesses to determine its future growth prospects and share price outlook.

About Rajnandini Metal Ltd

Rajnandini Metal Ltd (RML) was incorporated in 2010 as a private limited company and went public in 2019 after getting listed on the NSE Emerge platform.

Rajnandini Metal Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030
Rajnandini Metal Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

Headquartered in Maharashtra, RML has a modern manufacturing facility spread over 10 acres of land with an annual production capacity of over 1000 MT of copper rods and wires.

Vision – To become a globally recognized solution provider in the metal industry.

Mission – Continuous innovation through research and development. Expand global footprint by enhancing exports.

RML is promoted by Mr. Harish Agrawal who has over 25 years of experience in the metal industry. The day-to-day operations are managed by a professional management team.

Products and Services Offered

Rajnandini Metal Ltd has a diversified product portfolio catering to a wide range of industrial applications:

  • Copper Rods – Used in electrical wiring, motors, transformers, etc. RML offers copper rods from 8mm to 25mm diameter.
  • Copper Wires – Annealed copper wires, bunched copper wires, braided tapes offered from 0.5 sq mm to 635 sq mm for various industrial applications.
  • Aluminum Cables – RML provides armored aluminum power cables from 10 sq mm to 630 sq mm.
  • House Wiring Cables – Multi-stranded copper conductor PVC insulated wires for residential wiring. Product range includes single core, twin core, three core, four core from 1.5 sq mm to 4 sq mm.
  • MCB & Distribution Boards – Miniature circuit breakers, MCCBs and distribution boards for overload protection.
  • LED Lighting – Energy-efficient LED bulbs, LED street lights, LED tube lights, LED panels and other lighting products.

Financial Performance

Revenue – RML has registered a CAGR of 22.8% in revenue over the last 5 years. Revenues have grown from ₹127 crores in FY2018 to ₹350 crores in FY2023 showing steady growth.

Profitability – Due to economies of scale and better cost management, RML’s profitability margins have improved significantly. Gross margins are up from 11% to 18% while net profit margin grew from 2% to 6% during FY2018-FY2023.

Return Ratios – Higher profitability and efficient working capital management have resulted in return ratios improving from 11% in FY2018 to 29.2% in FY2023.

Asset Turnover – RML’s asset turnover ratio has also gone up from 1.2 in FY2018 to 2.3 in FY2023 indicating that the company is utilizing its assets more efficiently to generate higher revenues.

Working Capital – RML has managed its working very effectively as evident from their low working capital days of just 43 days. This demonstrates high collection efficiency and lean inventory levels.

Shareholding Pattern

Promoters and promoter group have 73.6% shareholding reflecting their majority controlling stake in the company. Mutual funds hold only 2.3% stake indicating lower institutional interest. The remaining 24% shareholding is split amongst public shareholders.

The high promoter shareholding gives confidence regarding the future growth plans and overall management control firmly in promoter’s hands acting in best interest of all shareholders.

Rajnandini Metal Share Price Target 2023

RML share price has grown at a healthy pace over the last 5 years giving investor returns of 25% CAGR.

Going forward, we estimate Rajnandini Metal share price target for 2023 to be ₹18 based on the following growth expectations:

  • Industry growth outlook remains strong with rising electricity and housing demand
  • Government push for domestic manufacturing under Make in India initiatives
  • RML’s strong clientele and distribution network to boost sales realisation and volume growth at 20% CAGR over next 2 years.
  • Profitability margins expected to remain stable.
  • Improving return ratios and better working capital efficiency.
  • Unutilized manufacturing capacity allows volume expansion without major capex.

With the company’s focus on premium products targeted at industrial clients, we expect revenues and profitability to improve resulting in a stock price appreciation to ₹18 levels by 2023.

Rajnandini Metal Share Price Target 2024

For 2024, we expect Rajnandini Metal to build on its growth momentum and register 25% growth in both sales volume and price realization. This along with further improvement in working capital management and asset turnover ratios can drive significant upside taking share price target for 2024 to ₹22.

Higher production volumes without significant capacity expansion can improve gross and net margins due to better cost absorption. Along with higher profitability, return ratios can witness further improvement.

Government infrastructure investments and rising housing demand provides huge scope for electrical equipment and wires, cables segment growth which will boost orders and sales volumes further. With industry tailwinds and company specific drivers, we see Rajnandini Metal share price hitting ₹22 by 2024.

Rajnandini Metal Share Price Target 2025

By 2025, RML is projected to see revenues cross ₹850 crores led by rising exports, new product additions and higher realizations. This along with industry leading return ratios of 35%, improving asset turns and positive operating leverage can drive strong stock price performance.

Rajnandini Metal share price target for 2025 is revised upwards to ₹28 based on –

  • 35% revenue CAGR over FY2023-25 reaching ₹850 crores
  • Net profit growth of 45% due to better cost absorption
  • ROCE and ROE crossing 35% mark by 2025
  • Expanding distribution footprint giving pricing power and higher capacity utlization

RML has exhibited stellar growth in the past driven by efficient capital allocation and lean operations. We expect this growth trajectory to accelerate further till 2025 boosting shareholder returns significantly.

Rajnandini Metal Share Price Target 2030

Over the long term, RML has huge growth potential based on its competitive advantages, strong client relationships and huge addressable market size. By 2030, we expect RML to achieve market leadership in wires, cables and electrical equipment industry catering to domestic and international demand.

Driven by rising exports, new product launches, diversified clientele and operating leverage, RML can attain 30% revenue CAGR over long term. This along with industry leading return ratios of 40%, asset turnover of 4x and improving working capital can result in strong earnings and cash flows for the company.

Considering these growth forecasts and return expectations, Rajnandini Metal share price target for 2030 works out to ₹68.

RML is poised to create huge wealth for its shareholders in the coming decade by maintaining leadership in its metal products and tapping newer geographies and products. The long runways for growth provides significant upside potential for Rajnandini Metal share price making it a good bet for long term investors.

SWOT Analysis

Let’s analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for Rajnandini Metal Ltd:


  • Wide product portfolio addressing diverse industrial applications
  • Modern manufacturing facility with lower cost and higher quality
  • Strong client relationships and distribution reach
  • Healthy financial performance reflected in high return ratios
  • Strong industry growth prospects


  • Small scale limits bargaining power with suppliers and buyers
  • High working capital requirements limits cash flows
  • Moderate technology and R&D expenditure


  • Government infrastructure and housing demand to boost metal/electrical products
  • Export potential to be tapped in Middle East, Africa, ASEAN countries
  • New product diversification in allied industries
  • Market share gains from unorganized sector


  • Volatile commodity prices affecting profit margins
  • Large competitors like Hindalco, Havells, Polycab etc
  • Cyclical nature of metal industry
  • Currency rate fluctuations impacting exports

By leveraging its strengths and overcoming limitations, RML can effectively tap market opportunities to fuel its future growth plans.

Factors Affecting Share Price

Like all stocks, Rajnandini Metal’s share price is impacted by various internal and external factors –

  • Financial Performance – Profitability margins, revenue and profit growth, ROCE, ROE are key stock price drivers
  • Commodity Prices – Copper, Aluminum price fluctuations directly affect raw material costs and profitability
  • Working Capital – Tight working capital management improves cash flows aiding stock performance
  • Capex Plans – Major expansion plans requiring capital investments negatively impact stock prices
  • Industry Growth – Infra, housing, electrical equipment demand outlook impacts sentiment
  • Inflation & Interest Rates – High rates hamper volume growth hitting stock prices

By maintaining robust financial performance, keeping leverage low and tapping growth opportunities, RML can positively influence its stock price over long run.

Risks and Concerns

However, RML also faces certain downside risks which investors should take note of –

  • Raw material price volatility in metals can squeeze profit margins
  • Intense industry competition affects market share and pricing flexibility
  • Cyclicality in metal sector linked to economic growth cycles
  • Delay in capacity expansion can impact volume growth
  • High receivables impacting working capital and cash flows

While reasonable from a small company, RML needs to strengthen its financial risk profile and working capital management through internal accruals avoiding high debt or equity dilution.

Capex implementation delays, demand slowdown or commodity price shocks are key monitorables which can negatively impact the stock’s valuations.


In summary, Rajnandini Metal Ltd has charted an impressive growth trajectory in recent years reflected in rising revenues, higher profitability, improving return ratios and healthy share price appreciation delivering 25% CAGR returns to shareholders.

Backed by strong industry tailwinds, wide product portfolio, modern manufacturing facilities and professional management, RML is poised for strong earnings growth and business expansion plans ahead.

Considering its competitive strengths, future growth prospects and reasonable valuations, Rajnandini Metal stock looks attractive for long term investors with price target of ₹68 by 2030 offering an upside potential of over 3x over current levels.

RML’s business fundamentals remain strong to tap domestic and overseas metal/wire demand. Its focus on premium products and client relationships provides edge over competitors. Technological advancements, new product launches, diversification plans and capacity expansion augurs well for future growth.

However, external risks from commodity price fluctuations, competitive pressures and economic cycles can impact profit margins and stock returns in the short run.

Overall, Rajnandini Metal Ltd. presents a promising small-cap company to ride India’s manufacturing and infrastructure growth story over the coming decade. Investors with high risk appetite can consider investing for the long term significant wealth creation potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest share price of Rajnandini Metal Ltd?

The latest stock price of Rajnandini Metal Ltd. as on 5th December, 2022 is ₹15.25 per share.

What is the 1 year target for RML stock?

One year price target for Rajnandini Metal share is ₹18 indicating a potential upside of over 15% from current levels.

What is the market capitalization of RML?

Rajnandini Metal Ltd. has a market capitalization of ₹271 crores classifying it as a small-cap company.

Who are the key competitors of Rajnandini Metal Ltd?

Key competitors are Hindalco Industries, Havells India Ltd., KEI Industries Ltd., Polycab India Ltd.

Should I buy Rajnandini Metal shares for long term?

Yes, Rajnandini Metal stock looks attractive from a 2-3 years investment perspective indicated by strong fundamentals, reasonable valuations and high growth potential ahead.

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