Globalization Partners company review

Hiring international talent can be an arduous process for companies looking to expand globally. From navigating different laws and regulations to setting up international entities, there are many hurdles to cross. This is where Globalization Partners comes in.

Globalization Partners company review
Globalization Partners company review

Globalization Partners is a global employer of record that enables companies to hire anywhere in the world without having to set up international subsidiaries. This review will provide an in-depth look at Globalization Partners, including its background, how it works, the global employer of record model, and the EOR services it provides.

We’ll also compare Globalization Partners to its competitors, examine its valuation and number of employees, and discuss how it helps companies lead remote teams globally. By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of how Globalization Partners is revolutionizing international hiring.

What is Globalization Partners?

Globalization Partners is an HR platform that serves as an employer of record to help companies hire international talent quickly and easily. As an employer of record (EOR), Globalization Partners handles all employer responsibilities related to payroll, taxes, benefits, compliance, and more for the international teams.

This allows companies to hire top talent anywhere in the world without having to establish local entities. Globalization Partners enables you to hire, onboard, and pay international team members in 187 countries within days, all while ensuring full legal compliance.

Some key benefits of using Globalization Partners include:

  • Faster global expansion: Start hiring in new countries in just 1-3 business days without setting up local subsidiaries.
  • Minimized risk: Globalization Partners handles compliance, employment law, payroll, taxes, benefits, etc.
  • Cost efficiency: Avoid the high costs of setting up foreign branches and subsidiaries. Pay only for the services you need.
  • Centralized HR platform: Manage your global team on one secure, easy-to-use platform accessible from anywhere.
  • Global expertise: Get support from HR, legal, and tax experts with local knowledge in each country.

In short, Globalization Partners serves as your global HR team, taking care of everything related to employing international workers so you can focus on your core business.

How Globalization Partners is Different from Others

Globalization Partners stands out from other global EOR solutions in several key ways:

  • Comprehensive solution: Globalization Partners provides an end-to-end platform and support structure for hiring globally. Competitors offer more fragmented solutions.
  • Available in 187 countries: No other company rivals Globalization Partners’ global reach. It’s the only EOR solution available in virtually every country worldwide.
  • Worldwide entity infrastructure: Globalization Partners has established legal entities and HR infrastructure globally, all staffed in-house. Competitors rely more on third parties.
  • Transparent pricing: Globalization Partners offers consistent, straightforward pricing across the board. Competitors often have hidden costs and inconsistencies.
  • 24/7 in-country support: Only Globalization Partners provides 24/7 support from true in-country HR experts in each market.
  • Cutting-edge technology: The end-to-end Globalization Partners platform stands out for its ease of use and accessibility. Competitors lag behind.
  • Automated contract generation: Globalization Partners’ digitized contract process is unique in the EOR space.
  • Time tracking mobile app: Easy-to-use tools for time and expense management make Globalization Partners more user-friendly.
  • GDPR compliance: Globalization Partners ensures compliance with GDPR and other data protection regulations at a global level.

In summary, no other company can match Globalization Partners in terms of global reach, technology, transparency, compliance, and support. Its comprehensive, turnkey approach makes hiring globally faster and easier for businesses.

What is a Global Employer of Record?

A global employer of record (EOR) is a service that enables companies to hire international employees without having to set up local legal entities. The EOR serves as the legal employer of the international workers.

Here’s how it works:

Your company partners with a global EOR like Globalization Partners. When you want to hire in a new country, the EOR sets up a local entity and hires the worker as your employee.

The EOR manages all employer obligations on your behalf, including:

  • Payroll
  • Taxes and withholdings
  • Benefits
  • Compliance with local employment laws and regulations
  • Employment contracts
  • Visa/work permits

This allows you to hire top talent worldwide without subsidiaries. The workers are the EOR’s legal employees, but they fully work for your company. You maintain full control over their work while outsourcing the HR administration.

The main benefits of using a global employer of record include:

  • Faster global expansion: Hire abroad in days instead of months.
  • Reduced risk: The EOR handles compliance to minimize legal and HR risks.
  • Cost efficiency: Avoid expensive setup costs for foreign branches.
  • Flexibility: Scale teams up or down as needed.
  • Convenience: The EOR manages global payroll, benefits, taxes, etc.
  • Peace of mind: Rest assured knowing the EOR will keep your company legally compliant.

With a reputable global EOR like Globalization Partners, you gain an instant turnkey HR infrastructure to hire top talent worldwide.

What are EOR Services?

The EOR (employer of record) services provided by Globalization Partners include:

  • Payroll administration: Pay international employees in a tax-compliant manner with reliable payroll.
  • Benefits management: Elect benefits for international team members from health insurance to retirement plans.
  • Compliance expertise: Rely on Globalization Partners’ vast HR legal and compliance experience in 187 countries.
  • Worker classification: Properly classify workers as employees or contractors globally.
  • Employment contracts: Digitized templates make it easy to onboard new hires worldwide.
  • Time and expense tracking: User-friendly tools help workers track hours and expenses from anywhere.
  • In-country support: Get 24/7 HR assistance from true in-country experts in each market.
  • Visa/work permits: Get help securing necessary work authorizations anywhere you hire.
  • HR administration: Globalization Partners handles onboarding, time-off requests, terminations, and more.
  • Tax compliance: Stay compliant with complex employer tax laws and requirements worldwide.
  • Legal entity infrastructure: Establish foreign legal entities quickly to enable local hiring.
  • Global mobility: Easily relocate employees cross-border with Globalization Partners’ support.
  • Reporting: Access dashboards and analytics for data-driven global workforce decisions.

By serving as your global EOR, Globalization Partners essentially acts as your fully staffed global HR department, allowing you to hire with confidence and speed anywhere in the world.

How Long Has Globalization Partners Been Around?

Globalization Partners was founded in 2012 by Nicole Sahin after she personally experienced the difficulties of expanding internationally while working at a software company. Nearly ten years later, it has become the leading Global Employer of Record in the market.

Key milestones:

  • 2012: Nicole Sahin founds Globalization Partners after seeking a better way to hire internationally.
  • 2014: Globalization Partners launches operations in Ireland.
  • 2016: It expands into over 90 countries worldwide.
  • 2017: Globalization Partners launches its proprietary HR platform.
  • 2018: It reaches a milestone of 1,000 clients.
  • 2019: The company launches operations in mainland China.
  • 2020: Globalization Partners raises $150 million and hits $300 million in annual revenue.
  • 2021: It reaches a valuation of over $4 billion dollars.
  • 2022: Globalization Partners is named the largest EOR worldwide with a presence in 187 countries.

Since its founding, Globalization Partners has accelerated from an ambitious startup into a mature industry leader trusted by over 5,000 companies worldwide. Its longevity and rapid growth underscore the immense value it provides.

Who Competes with Globalization Partners?

Globalization Partners dominates the global employer of record industry, but competitors include:

  • Velocity Global: Focused mainly on the US, Velocity has expanded internationally but with a smaller footprint than Globalization Partners.
  • Safeguard Global: Acquired by Velocity Global in 2022, Safeguard has a decent international presence but more limited capabilities.
  • Papaya Global:Papaya has expanded well beyond its initial focus on Israel but still lacks Globalization Partners’ reach.
  • Remote: Remote started as Deel and rebranded in 2022 as it tries to compete with Globalization Partners.
  • Omnipresent: UK-based Omnipresent has expanded globally but not to the same worldwide extent.
  • Shield GEO: Shield has a reasonably strong international presence but a more reactive compliance approach.

While Globalization Partners has competitors working to grow globally, none come close to matching its scale and capabilities. As the clear market leader, Globalization Partners is still miles ahead of the rest.

What is Globalization Partners Worth?

In January 2022, Globalization Partners raised $200 million in funding at a valuation of $4.2 billion. This makes the company a “unicorn” with an estimated value exceeding $1 billion.

Globalization Partners has raised over $342 million in funding to date from leading investors like General Catalyst, SoftBank Vision Fund 2, and TDR Capital.

Its rapid growth has enabled Globalization Partners to reach unicorn status in under 10 years since it was founded. The company’s estimated worth reflects the immense value its technology and services provide for enabling global remote teams.

Globalization Partners is positioned to see its valuation rise even higher as the demand for flexible global talent solutions continues accelerating. But for now, $4.2 billion marks an impressive milestone and solidifies its status as the top player in the global employer of record space.

How Many Employees Does Globalization Partners Have?

As of August 2022, Globalization Partners has over 1,170 employees worldwide. This includes both its core headquarters team based in Boston, MA, along with in-country staff located globally across the 187 countries where it operates.

Here is how Globalization Partners’ employee footprint breaks down:

  • 600+ employees at its Boston headquarters
  • 300+ local in-house HR/legal/tax experts distributed globally
  • 270+ worldwide sales team members
  • Growing customer success, marketing, engineering, and product teams

Even more impressive is how quickly the company has scaled its employee base. Since August 2021, Globalization Partners has nearly doubled its headcount by adding over 500 more employees globally.

This hypergrowth underscores the increasing demand for Globalization Partners’ services as companies race to adapt to the new world of global remote work.

With its extensive team worldwide, Globalization Partners has the seasoned in-house expertise and capabilities to support clients anywhere they want to hire talent globally. The company’s expanding employee count will enable it to stay ahead of this accelerating market need.

Leading Remote Teams

Globalization Partners plays an invaluable role in enabling companies to build and lead high-performing remote teams worldwide:

  • Simplified hiring – The Globalization Partners EOR model allows clients to hire top talent anywhere fast, with minimal legal hurdles to cross.
  • Centralized management – Clients can easily manage global teams and payroll on one unified platform.
  • Compliance assurance – Globalization Partners constantly monitors laws and regulations so clients remain compliant in every country.
  • HR administration – It handles time-off requests, onboarding, terminations, and other key HR functions internationally.
  • In-country support – On-the-ground HR experts provide localized assistance tailored to each market.
  • Collaboration tools – Globalization Partners offers access to leading tools like Slack and Asana to aid team communication.
  • Flexibility – Companies can easily scale global teams up and down as business needs change.
  • Cost efficiency – The EOR model is far more affordable than setting up foreign legal entities.

With Globalization Partners as your EOR, you gain the platform and support to build thriving, productive global teams. The EOR approach simplifies compliance, management, and collaboration when working across borders.


Globalization Partners has transformed how companies hire internationally. By serving as an employer of record, it enables organizations to expand globally in days without subsidiaries.

Key advantages of Globalization Partners include:

  • Available in 187 countries
  • Cutting-edge HR platform
  • Minimized legal and compliance risks
  • Cost savings over setting up foreign branches
  • Convenience of unified global payroll
  • Access to in-country HR support worldwide

No competitor comes close to matching Globalization Partners’ comprehensive solution. It has rightly earned its leadership status as the top global employer of record.

For any company serious about accessing top talent anywhere, Globalization Partners is the leading solution for simplifying global remote team building.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Globalization Partners?

Globalization Partners is a global employer of record (EOR) that enables companies to hire talent internationally without setting up foreign subsidiaries. It handles compliance, payroll, taxes, and other employer responsibilities in 187 countries.

How does Globalization Partners work?

As an EOR, Globalization Partners becomes the legal employer of record for your international hires. This allows you to hire globally fast without branches or subsidiaries. You manage the workers while Globalization Partners handles HR administration.

What problem does Globalization Partners solve?

It solves the challenges of hiring globally quickly while staying compliant with employment laws worldwide. Companies can hire abroad in days through Globalization Partners rather than months.

What services does Globalization Partners provide?

Its EOR services include global payroll, tax and benefits management, compliance expertise, worker classification, HR platform, visa support, and more.

How does Globalization Partners simplify global hiring?

It simplifies global hiring by enabling clients to expand into new countries fast without establishing local entities. The EOR model minimizes the legal, HR, payroll, and compliance complexities.

How much does Globalization Partners cost?

As an EOR, Globalization Partners charges an affordable monthly fee per employee. There are no hidden costs or upfront legal entity fees. Clients pay only for the services needed.

Is Globalization Partners legit?

Yes, Globalization Partners is a reputable industry leader with an extensive worldwide presence. It is a $4 billion dollar company trusted by over 5,000 brands globally.

How quickly can I hire abroad with Globalization Partners?

Globalization Partners touts hiring in as little as 1-3 days in countries where it has existing infrastructure. The average time is 4-6 weeks for most other global markets.

Does Globalization Partners handle taxes?

Yes, Globalization Partners manages everything tax-related on your behalf as the employer of record, keeping your company compliant worldwide.

Where is Globalization Partners located?

Globalization Partners is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts but has over 1,100 employees distributed across its worldwide entity network.

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