Apex Trader Funding: Reviews And In-Depth Analysis

By Dotsmovie Dec5,2023
Apex Trader Funding Reviews And In-Depth Analysis
Apex Trader Funding Reviews And In-Depth Analysis

Apex Trader Funding is a relatively new prop trading firm based in the United States that provides traders funding to trade futures markets. In this in-depth review, we’ll take a close look at what they offer to see if they are a good fit for your trading needs.

Apex Trader Funding Reviews And In-Depth Analysis
Apex Trader Funding Reviews And In-Depth Analysis

Getting to Know Apex Trader Funding

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, Apex Trader Funding aims to identify skilled traders and provide them with sufficient capital and support to thrive. They offer funding accounts from $25,000 up to $300,000 to trade a wide variety of futures products.

But how exactly does their program work and what do traders need to do to get funded? Let’s dive in and find out.

Passing the Evaluation

To get funded by Apex Trader, traders first need to pass an evaluation process. This involves trading a demo account for at least 7 days while following a set of rules tailored to each account size.

The main rules are:

  • Meet a profit target
  • Respect a maximum drawdown limit
  • Trade within a cap on the number of contracts
  • Maintain a trailing net liquidating value

Meeting these guidelines proves a trader has the skills to successfully manage a larger real money account.

Account Tiers and Funding Details

Once a trader passes, they can be funded at one of several tiers:

$25,000 account: 4 contracts maximum, $1,500 profit target

$50,000 account: 10 contracts maximum, $3,000 profit target

$75,000 account: 12 contracts maximum, $4,250 profit target

$100,000 account: 14 contracts maximum, $6,000 profit target

$150,000 account: 17 contracts maximum, $9,000 profit target

$250,000 account: 27 contracts maximum, $15,000 profit target

$300,000 account: 35 contracts maximum, $20,000 profit target

The minimum to withdraw profits is $1,000 and is paid roughly 2-3 business days after submitting the withdrawal request.

Profit Share Breakdown

Apex Trader Funding splits profits using a 100%/90% model. This means traders keep 100% of their profit up to $25,000, after which the revenue share adjusts to a 90%/10% ratio, with the trader keeping 90%.

This allows traders to fully maximize early profits as they scale their account before the firm begins collecting their share.

The Pros and Cons of Apex Trader Funding

Now that we’ve covered the basic structure of Apex Trader Funding, let’s explore some of the key pros and cons to consider if applying to trade with them.

The Good – Why Choose Apex Trader Funding

There are several good reasons why Apex Trader Funding stands out from other prop firms:

No maximum time limit on evaluations – Take as long as you need to complete the evaluation at your own pace. Other firms impose tighter restrictions.

High profit splits – The favorable 100%/90% profit payout ratio lets traders compound earnings rapidly.

Lengthy trading hours – Pre-market and regular trading hours provide lots of opportunities.

Excellent trader support – Get quick access to knowledgeable support staff for any issue.

Industry standard trading platforms – Integrates nicely with top platforms like NinjaTrader.

Understanding of trader realities – Account for major news events with flexible policies.

The Bad – Potential Disadvantages

While Apex Trader Funding has several positive traits, there are a few areas worth noting that may be unsuitable for some traders:

Strict rules against automated strategies – No EAs, algos or bots. Discretionary trading only.

Can’t hold positions overnight – Positions must be flat by market close each day.

Limited to trading futures – Unlike rivals, equities or forex not offered.

No free trial or repeat – Must continually re-fund evaluation fees.

Available Markets and Account Policies

Now let’s take a look at specifically what and how you can trade with an Apex Trader Funding account.

Approved Assets and Products

As a futures prop firm, the markets available to trade span several diverse futures asset classes:

  • Equity Index Futures
  • Agricultural Futures
  • Currency Futures
  • Metal Futures
  • Energy Futures
  • Interest Rate Futures
  • Cryptocurrency Futures

This wide range covers the major futures products to build sound trading strategies across sectors.

Nitty Gritty Account Details

Understanding the specific account and trading policies at Apex Trader Funding is key to knowing if it suits you.

Here are some of the most crucial details:

  • Strictly intraday trading – No swings trades or holding overnight
  • Limited leverage – Just 1:1 margin/buying power
  • No automated strategies – All discretionary price action only
  • US trading hours – Aligned with typical US futures schedules

So if you are strictly an intraday trader who likes making discretionary decisions, then these rules likely fit your routine. But those with alternative preferences may feel constrained by such policies.

Getting Started With the Application Process

If so far Apex Trader Funding sounds like a potentially good fit, you probably want to know how to engage with them and kickstart the funding application process.

Fortunately, it’s very straightforward to get setup.

Opening Your Demo Account

First, you’ll want to reach out and open a demo trading account. There are just a few quick steps:

  • Go to their website and create an account login
  • Select the account size you want to evaluate for
  • Fund the demo account with the evaluation fee
  • Download their custom platform to track trading statistics

Once funded, you can dive right into simulated trading knowing the performance data is being tracked properly according to their evaluation criteria.

Passing the Demo Evaluation

Next, concentrate on passing the required profit target, drawdown limits, and following all trading rules as you demo trade. Focus on steadily meeting all the thresholds for the account size you want over the minimum 7 days.

Sure enough, in their custom platform you’ll then see you’ve officially passed once all targets and guidelines are satisfied.

Getting Your Real Account

After successfully completing the evaluation, Apex Trader Funding wastes no time in getting you setup with your real money funded account.

Within 1-2 days you’ll receive login credentials to your account containing your full funding amount. Now the real reward of executing your proven trading strategy begins.

With your new capital to deploy, striving for consistency over a long-term horizon should be your main focus to extract maximum benefit from such a great opportunity. Stay determined in implementing high probability trades and diligent risk control.

Soon enough, the profits generated from your funded capital will really start accumulating. Don’t forget, as covered earlier, you earn 100% of profits up to the first $25,000! So staying mindful and grateful for this while persevering through any obstacles is key to getting the most mileage out of trading with Apex’s backing.

Verdict – Is Apex Trader Funding Worth It?

We’ve now covered all angles of Apex Trader Funding’s program for up-and-coming futures traders aiming to get off the ground. After assessing both positives and negatives, is trading with their funding worth it?

For the disciplined intro trader serious about trading futures intraday strategies with a longer term perspective, Apex Trader Funding provides a solid launchpad.

Between the generous profit splits, ample market access, focus on support, and strong trading platform integrations, Apex checks off a lot of boxes many traders desire.

However, for short term traders lacking boundaries or those wanting limitless leverage or less restrictive rules, other prop firms may suit them better.

Yet for most futures traders playing within typical expectations, Apex grants a trustworthy backing rarely found in competitors. So if you fit the mold of a prudent trader seeking capital to advance, indeed explore their promising potential.

Just ensure you fully accept their various policies first, as some do contain decisive nuances needing full embracement.

Alternatives to Consider

Granted you may still want to assess other respectable firms alongside Apex before deciding.

Here are two other reputable options also catering well to futures traders.

Topstep Trader

As the largest and best known funded prop firm, Topstep Trader offers higher max account sizes reaching up to $1 million. They also allow holding swing positions overnight. However, their rigid 5 day evaluation may deter some.


A rapidly emerging prop firm choice is The5ers, who provide $100k forex accounts with attractive pricing and solid trading terms. Though limited to forex only, their model warrants consideration.

Comparing specifications and policies across several regulated companies helps guarantee to select what works best for your own goals and style.

Ready to Pursue Your Trading Dreams?

Presently sitting on the fence undecided? Remember, procrastinating progress dictates your destiny.

Cast aside doubt so this phenomenal chance to upgrade your trading fate doesn’t pass you by.

Because punctually pursued with persistence and patience, a funded Apex account can redefine your financial horizons for good.

The resources to reshape your future await at your fingertips. Seize it courageously now by starting the rewarding registration process to uncover your full potential.

Soon with their trusted backing, you’ll think back proudly at this pivotal turning point where committing to excellence allowed your soaring talents to shine brightly.

So why wait around any longer? Head to Apex Trader Funding’s website now to get your application going and step boldly towards actualizing the trading mastery you were created for!

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